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Personal Project in progress

I have been familiar with the Tarot since I was a child. My mother and aunt taught me how to read it. When I was seventeen, I had my weirdest job (so far): as a professional fortune teller for an esoteric Callcenter.
I still use the Tarot every once in a while to meditate over a situation. My own deck is a longterm project, because the cards are so loaded with symbolism and I want to put a lot of thought in every motive.

Element Water
Small cards

The ten Cups cards represent the water element. In the common card deck, water is Hearts: ♥️
Water is about emotion, intuition, spirituality vision, dreams, and the divine.

Water people are sensitive and receptive, have a lot of creative energy and a good intuition.
The dark side of water is hypersensitivity and violent moodswings, up to the point of depression, addiction and mania. 

Water Family
Element Fire
Small Cards
The ten Wand cards represent the fire element. In the common card deck, fire is Spades: ♠️
The themes of fire are willpower, passion, activity, impulse (and often, lack of control thereof).

Characters of the Fire element are energetic and inspiring, hot-blooded, stubborn and passionate about everything they care about.
The shadow of fire people can manifest when their effervescent energy is not sufficiently tamed. Then, the result is a short temper, an overbearing ego or the inability to follow through with things.
Fire Family

Element Earth
Earth Family

Element Air 
Air Family