Editorial Illustration
WIRED Magazine, USA

WIRED asked me to illustrate an article about »Anti-Sexual-Violence Tech« — the devices and softwares being invented to protect women against sexual assault. 

I wanted to make contemporary-looking superheroine-characters, part human, part machine. Like feminist versions of marvel comics.
I wanted them to look strong and angry.

WIRED gave me access to Getty and had me choose all the images my heart desired, so I could be very precise and determined in my process. Here are some of the sketches and designs that led to the final version:

When you make a collage, changes are made along the way and lucky accidents are part of the process. Delivering an image based on a drawing can be very tricky. The Art Director Elena Lacey was very chill however and let me do my thing. Only in the end she had me add some hands and make the background more gloomy.  
The result is exactly as sleek and punchy as I wanted it to be.